Reasonable Efforts - The Paper Tiger

Reasonable efforts are not made in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of cases across the country.

              --Marcia Robinson Lowry
              Children's Rights Project


Reasonable Efforts: The Paper Tiger
A brief history of Public Law 96-272 and the specific problems it was intended to address. Critics charge the law suffered from a lack of federal leadership and meaningful enforcement. To what extent is the law being followed by the states? Are any of the states in compliance with the legislation?

Reasonable Efforts: Resistance to Change
Did Public Law 96-272 have a chance at success? Critics charge the real battle would be fought by the very bureaucracy responsible for the abuses the law was intended to address.

Blaming Reasonable Efforts
Critics charge that the child welfare bureaucracy responsible for administering the law have themselves used it to their advantage. This article is currently under construction.

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Last Updated August 28, 2002