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Updated May 24, 2014.

A Critical Look at the Foster Care System
How great is the need for foster care? How safe are the services provided? What are the trends for the future of these children?

A Critical Look at the Child Welfare System
Investigative techniques, assessment tools, caseworker turnover, reunification plans, falsification of records, caseworker training, and other issues are explored.


Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry held its first public hearing on Monday, January 13, 2014, marking the fourth public session of the Inquiry into abuse in residential institutions in Northern Ireland. The Inquiry is examining allegations of child abuse in children's homes and other residential institutions spanning the period of 1922 to 1995.
Added January 16, 2014.

Zero Tolerance Programs
Zero tolerance programs in the public schools have often been criticized for being overly harsh and punitive in nature. Critics contend that these policies are often administered in an arbitrary manner. An emerging body of literature indicates that this policy is wholly without empirically-validated support, and that scientific reviews have found no evidence whatsoever that zero tolerance prevents school violence.
Added January 11, 2014

Australian Inquiries Continue Review Of Long-Term Abuses In Institutional Foster Care
An in-depth look into abuse in institutional foster care, with a particular emphasis on recent developments in Australia, Ireland, and Canada. Also examined are the related issues of forced adoptions, the over-representation of minority populations in foster care, and other issues universally related to child protection. Related resources are clearly presented alongside the article for further exploration.
Added January 2, 2014.

More Special Reports


A Reply to Andrew Vachss' "A Hard Look at How We Treat Children"
Rick Thoma replies to Andrew Vachss' March 29, 1998, article in Parade Magazine. This article appeared in the Summer 1998 edition of Vindicator, the journal of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

If You Lived Here, You'd be Home Now: The Business of Foster Care.
Article published in the January 1999 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Issues in Child Abuse Accusations.

Several of the articles that appear on Lifting the Veil have also been published in a variety of formats, such as newsletters, as well as having been incorporated as teaching and training curricula.


Journal Articles Database
A collection of journal articles, a majority of which are peer-reviewed. Topics include foster care, outcomes, emancipation, child abuse reporting, risk assessment, investigations, and more. The database is powered by Delicious bookmarks.

News Roundup
News articles concerning child welfare, foster care, adoption, and related issues with an international perspective.

U.S. Supreme Court Caselaw
A comprehensive collection of Supreme Court cases dealing with the issues of parental rights, liberties and obligations.

Foster Care and Child Welfare Related Testimony
A growing database of Congressional and other testimony by child advocates and industry leaders.

Studies, Surveys and Audits
A continuously updated database of reports on Foster Care, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Family Preservation and more. Included are studies, surveys, performance audits, and grand jury reports.

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